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The local development initiative project for the breeding of fry is circumscribed within the four approved within the 2020 plan with a view to enhancing the economic and social development of the Avón municipality of Morón.

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With a work sustained by the 43 Committees of Innovators and Rationalizers, the Education sector in Morón, was one of the bodies that deserved recognition in the Annual Balance Assembly of the ANIR, held with the presence of Argelio Pérez Mes, President of this organization in the province of Ciego de Ávila.

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A sports area that will benefit teachers and professors, as well as the rest of their families, settled in the community of Educators, was inaugurated in Morón for the benefit of residents who can use their free time through the practice of the specialties of technique and muscle.

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The hotel facilities that are part of the Jardines del Rey tourist destination show a persevering work based on the care of the ecosystems where they are located, with the aim of achieving tourism in harmony with the environment, and with it the environmental recognition that guarantees its sustainability.

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Eduardo Gómez Alfonso, provincial president of the Cuban Association of Animal Production (ACPA), considers the results obtained by Jorge Osmany Cárdenas González, a peasant belonging to the Sergio González Credit and Services Cooperative of the municipality of Morón, in relation to the fattening of bulls using own resources.

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Several actions, among which the preparation of the twelfth grade students with a view to the final exams and entrance exams, develops the faculty faculty of the Roberto Rodríguez Pre-University Institute, IPU, of the Avignon city of Morón.

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It is the purpose of the Moronese peasantry to produce more food for the people, as a worthy response from the members of the National Association of Small Farmers, ANAP, immersed in the XII Congress process, and with the premise of contributing to the economic development that the country needs.

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Positive results in the work of vocational training or pedagogical professional orientation, can be seen in the Roberto Rodríguez Basic High School, ESBU, in the city of Morón. Currently, the priority is focused on the recruitment of students towards pedagogical careers, and today the teaching institution has 52 students who opt as a first option for any specialty of that profile, said Rafael Macías Macías, director of the ESBU:

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Thursday, 20 February 2020 16:29

Yimiray wants to be a history teacher

Despite his young age, Yimiray Fernández Pérez, a ninth-grade student at José Maceo Basic High School, located in the popular council of Patria, municipality of Morón, shows mastery of historical data of that community where he has always resided with his family.

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Thursday, 20 February 2020 16:24

Lagoon La Redonda

Ideal place for the practice of ecotourism and the interaction of man with nature, the La Redonda lagoon is one of the main wildlife refuges in the province of Ciego de Ávila.

Located in the municipality of Morón, a few kilometers before reaching the tourist destination Jardines del Rey, adopts the name for its geographical configuration; but it stands out above all for the lush vegetation that surrounds it, composed of mangroves, oaks, coconut palms, guano palms, guácimas and yanas, an endemic tree in the area.

These shrubs serve as habitat for parasitic plants such as curujeyes, guajacas, giant ferns and orchids of various types, which in turn constitute a refuge for woodpeckers, muleteers, guanabas, hummingbirds and the blue heron, which, next to the colonies Termites, bring beauty and uniqueness to the area.

With an area of ​​4.5 kilometers and a depth of just three meters, La Redonda is a natural freshwater lake, which turns dark reddish or lighter, depending on the location of the red, black or white mangroves, located in its margins

Fed by several channels, it has the uniqueness of sheltering plants and animals of both fresh and salt water, an example of the adaptation of living beings to the environment and a reminder of their ancient salinity.

The reservoir was salted until 1959, when a dike was built in the channel of communication with the sea to supply fresh water to the Popular Council of Turiguanó, which prevents the return of the liquid in the opposite direction and therefore, the desalination process of the lagoon.

Mangroves, while preventing the entry of impurities, serve as a den for the variety of fish inside, such as carp, biajacas, catfish, tilapia, shad and trout.

Something very curious are the red mangrove formations, which have adapted for years to their surroundings, with infrequent heights, some above 15 meters.

Belonging to the Great North Wetland of Ciego de Ávila, the site has been selected by the United Nations Development Project (GEF / UNDP Sabana Camagüey) as a pilot product to boost nature tourism in a sustainable way.

This decision supports the richness and conservation of wildlife (endemic and migratory flora and fauna), as well as the aesthetic-landscape values ​​of the various channels that supply fresh water to the lagoon and the implementation of environmental practices that allow enjoyment and Contemplation of the environment without irreversible damage.

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