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Municipal Act held in Morón on July 26

We can not passively contemplate what others do, we have to get involved in the search for agile solutions to the problems, with our own strengths, said Nilka Drake Mora, in the conclusions of the municipal act on July 26 in Morón.

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Morón Integrated Coastal Management Program Developed in Morón

As part of the actions for the protection of nature, in the Avilanian municipality of Morón, the Integrated Coastal Management Program of the Great Wetland of the North of Ciego de Ávila is developed, whose body is composed of all the economic and social actors that develop their activity in this important ecosystem.

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The Morón Museum proposes attractions for the summer season

The promotion of the local patrimony becomes center of the actions that for the summer stage 2019 organizes the Museum Caonabo, of the avileña city of Morón. Extensions to disadvantaged areas, opening curious shows, talks, conferences and gatherings, are included in the programming that is designed to attract all audiences.

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Revitalize X-ray equipment in Morón hospital

The start-up of an X-ray machine of the brand Toshiba KXO32S in the Teaching General Hospital Roberto Rodríguez, in the city of Morón, made it possible to save the country more than 140 thousand dollars, declared Edelmis Reyes Martín, author of the innovation, and worker of the department of electromedicine of the aforementioned center.

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Implement sustainable practices in Morón

Created in 1992 with the purpose of increasing the quality of life of the population of the region of Avila, through increases in the consumption of animal protein generated from sustainable practices, several are the results that support the work of the Bioaliments Research Center , CIBA.

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Deepen Moron educators on topics related to the Life Task

The sensitization of the educators of the educational institutions, so that they prepare the students and their families in the Life Task, are part of the actions of the Municipal Direction of Education in Morón, DME, for the next school year 2019 - 2020.

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They use bean stubble for sheep feed in Morón

The use of bean stubble for sheep feed shows excellent results in the Bioaliments Research Center, CIBA, a scientific institution located in the municipality of Morón, which will reach its 27th anniversary on July 17th.

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Young Club de Morón propose summer options

Entertainment options that link technology, culture, sports and recreation will distinguish the agenda of the Youth Computer and Electronics Club in the municipality of Morón during the months of July and August.

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