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An educational challenge in times of Coronavirus

Meeting social isolation, when you are 17 years old and nobody in your home shares your tastes can be a challenge for family life. For many young people the "escape" is on social networks, and that is why they spend the day plugged into the mobile phone and listening to mom and dad with their "let go of the phone for a while" or "don't you get tired?".

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Turiguanó and its meat combination obtain the status of Vanguadia Nacional Pecuaria Turiguanó

The Turiguanó Genetic Livestock Company and its meat combination, from the municipality of Morón in Avile, achieved the status of National Vanguard due to the results of last year in the indicators of economic efficiency, productivity, use of energy resources and the functioning of the union.

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House of Morón's grandfather maintains services

In the Grandfather's House in the Avilanian municipality of Morón, services to the elderly who need it remain stable, although at the same time hygiene and safety measures are taken to preserve the health of both patients and workers.

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Ecosystem conservation show facilities of Jardines del Rey

The hotel facilities that are part of the Jardines del Rey tourist destination show a persevering work based on the care of the ecosystems where they are located, with the aim of achieving tourism in harmony with the environment, and with it the environmental recognition that guarantees its sustainability.

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The nasobuco and something else ...

The nasobuco is possibly the most mentioned object these days on a planetary level. Much is said about him, and he is sought in order to avoid contagion with SARS-Cov-2 and contract COVID-19. Conscious washing of the hands and the necessary disinfection of surfaces with chlorinated or alcoholic solutions are also frequent topics.

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Advocates Moronese installation for the protection of the environment

The Los Cocodrilos Protected Area, located to the east of the municipality of Morón and administered by the Company for the Protection of Flora and Fauna, advocates the protection of the environment and especially of endangered species such as the American crocodile, whose reproduction is showing considerable progress.

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Sanitary investigations continue in Morón

The house-to-house investigations continue in the Avilanian municipality of Morón, as part of the actions directed by the country to detect possible infections with Covid-19 and thus contribute to stopping the spread of the virus.

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Engaged in Moronese farmers in producing more food

It is the purpose of the Moronese peasantry to produce more food for the people, as a worthy response from the members of the National Association of Small Farmers, ANAP, immersed in the XII Congress process, and with the premise of contributing to the economic development that the country needs.

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